Nelson Connects Behavioral
Assessment Services

Behavioral assessments take the guesswork out of selecting, developing,
and retaining high-performing people.

Build Strong Teams With Confidence

To help companies make smart people decisions, our certified behavioral consultant uses the Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP)
integrated behavioral assessment system

What is PDP?

Nelson Connects uses the Professional Dynametric Programs (PDP) integrated behavioral assessment program.

This highly accurate people management system allows employers to maximize people’s natural tendencies to improve employee satisfaction and build strong teams to help drive organizational success. 
Through a quick employee survey, the PDP system identifies an individual’s personality traits and produces data and insights that:
• Simplify the interviewing process 
• Improve the hiring process 
• Increase employee engagement and retention 
• Strengthen team productivity
• Strengthens Team Communication and Productivity

Insight Across the Organization

Our team has the expertise to administer, interpret, and apply the full range of PDP tools.



An objective applicant matching solution that takes the risk out of hiring new employees.



Reveals individual strengths and motivators to help people perform at their best.


Side-by-Side Report

Highlights manager and employee’s behavioral similarities and differences to assist in building a positive working relationship.



Fosters positive team dynamics to increase productivity and achieve business goals.

Why PDP?

Over 5 million PDP surveys have been completed to date, making the system’s results highly accurate. In fact, 96% of people surveyed agree with their survey outcomes.

How does my organization get started?

Request a demo to get your customized ProScan report and a tailored tour of the PDP behavioral management system.