Nelson Connects CEO on Remote Work and the Great Resignation

December 14, 2022
By Nelson Connects

Joe Madigan, CEO of Nelson Connects, spoke about the great resignation in the January 2022 edition of NorthBay biz magazine.



Finding Opportunity in Challenge


In this article, Nelson Connects CEO Joe Madigan talks about remote work and describes the great resignation as an opportunity for employers and employees to change their patterns and adjust to new ways of working.


“Work productivity still has to exist,” says Madigan. “Everybody has to be accountable. Whether you work remotely or on-site somewhere. We’re finding that the employees looking for flex time or some sort of remote time are not having a difficult time finding jobs. More challenging, from the recruiting aspect, is finding employees wanting to work full-time in an office. Ideally, depending on the company, employees can have hybrid options for both remote and in-office work.”

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