Nelson Connects COO Talks Staffing with NorthBay biz Magazine

December 4, 2022
By Nelson Connects

Chandra Pappas, COO of Nelson Connects, was featured in the August 2022 edition of NorthBay biz magazine.



Rethinking the four-year degree


Another trend changing the landscape of hiring is dropping the four-year college degree requirement for certain jobs: “I don’t believe removing the degree requirement will be a big reset,” says Pappas. “It’s likely to be more of a trickle, not a tsunami ... It used to be that a college degree signaled emotional intelligence and critical thinking in the eyes of the potential employer, but life is very tough, and you can get all those skills in other ways.”


For job candidates


Develop a partnership with a staffing recruiter before you even need it, says Chandra Pappas, COO of Nelson Connects. “Even though you may not be interested in looking or getting back into the workforce, it may be worth it to establish a partnership with a recruitment firm.”

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