5 Tips for Using AI to Help You Write Your Resume

September 8, 2023
By Nelson Connects

You’ve likely noticed that artificial intelligence technology has exploded in popularity. In early 2023 OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT set a record as the fastest-growing consumer application in history. In the summer of 2023, the app stated it had more than 100 million monthly active users, and it’s growing daily.


Use AI for Getting Started

It’s best practice to use AI as a starting point for resume content generation, not as something you’d submit as the final product. 

For example, you can use AI tools to create a resume template with sample content that inspires your own resume. Pay attention to the keywords and sample language an AI resume provides. 

Remember that you should always:

  1. Edit the AI-generated resume.

  2. Add specific details that showcase your experience.

  3. Only submit content that’s accurate.

By using AI for inspiration, you can create a solid resume that truly reflects the qualifications, unique achievements, and relevant experience that make you a strong candidate for the job.



We can now use chatbot tools like ChatGPT for everything from writing essays to crafting poems and jokes. And, not surprisingly, the technology can also provide resume content, which means increasingly more job seekers are using the platform to build resumes and write cover letters.


The results have been positive. A ResumeBuilder.com survey of 1,000 job seekers found 70% of those who used ChatGPT reported a higher response rate from companies. More than three-quarters were granted an interview when using ChatGPT resume and application materials.


If you need to update your resume or write one from scratch, an AI resume generator can be a helpful tool that provides a starting point. This guide explains how to use AI to write resume content that can help you stand out in a job search.


1. Understand How AI Impacts Resume Writing


AI tools like ChatGPT use human-provided data to create human-like content. The technology that enables this is natural language processing.


Natural language processing combines rule-based modeling of human language with machine learning. As AI tools learn more about human language, they can quickly provide more accurate and human-like responses.


ChatGPT, for example, analyzes vast amounts of human-created data to respond to requests. ChatGPT uses Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) to constantly refine and optimize the quality of its content.


When you use AI to generate a resume, you can input a position you’re applying for, and the tool will quickly generate the following:

  • Sample job titles you might have previously held, as well as typical job duties for those previous positions.

  • Keyword-focused content that’s likely to sync up with applicant tracking system preferences.

  • Relevant coursework and education that someone with a particular job title has likely completed.

With ChatGPT, you can “Send a message” to the app to “create a [position] resume.” Within seconds, the app will generate a resume that pertains to whatever position you state. It will also provide several customizable fields for you to add your personal identifying information. You can then copy and paste the content into a document or your own resume design template and modify it.


ChatGPT generates content from data from all over the web, as well as from feedback other AI users have provided to the tool. You likely won’t use an AI-generated resume word-for-word when you first generate it. However, you can use the same type of template to organize your resume content and gain inspiration.


2. Choose the Right AI Resume Builder


You have lots of options for what brand of AI tool you use when generating a resume. In addition to ChatGPT, there’s a plethora of resume-specific AI tools, like Rezi.ai. Some resources go as far as formatting content into attention-grabbing templates.


For example, when you link your Google profile to the tool Kickresume, it adds your Google profile photo to the actual resume template. You can download a colorful resume and easily swap out or add content in each of the template’s sections. However, a word of caution is to research which resume formats are best for jobs you’re applying for. Some companies adhere to nonbiased resume reviews and do not want to see applicants’ photos. Others use resume filtering systems that prefer very simple resume formats.


Some AI resume tools offer free content; others will charge a fee to download the resume results or a resume template. You can source AI results from various providers and combine the best content as you create your own resume.


If you’re considering using AI for showing your work background, research different providers and compare pricing, features, and user reviews. Many tools have freemium models that allow you to test basic features before paying for additional features.


3. Leverage AI for Keyword Optimization


Many employers today use technology to scan job applicants, which is another area where AI can help job seekers get noticed. An employer can customize an applicant tracking system to scan and filter resumes for specific keywords. This condenses the number of resumes hiring managers need to manually review as candidates move through the hiring process.


At least 99% of Fortune 500 companies use applicant tracking systems to filter resumes. Many other businesses are following suit to save time when hiring. Job seekers can use AI to identify the most popular keywords related to various job titles and include those on their own resumes.


One way to leverage AI for keyword optimization is to get a full AI-generated resume and then use similar content on a new resume.


You can also use ChatGPT to ask, “What keywords are associated with [position] jobs?” The AI tool will generate dozens of popular keywords. You can choose the ones that relate to your experience and include those throughout your resume.


4. Improve Your Resume with AI Insights


You can also use AI to improve your current resume. For example, you can paste existing resume content into ChatGPT with the command to “improve this resume’s content.” The app will generate a revised version of your old resume using keywords and resume data to suggest an improved version.


If you haven’t updated your resume in a year or more, you can use AI to see what type of formatting and presentation styles are most popular today. An AI tool can help you reorganize your existing content or get template ideas for refreshing your resume.


5. Follow AI-Generated Resume Best Practices


Even though AI is becoming more sophisticated, just like humans, it isn’t perfect. It’s also a red flag to employers when multiple candidates submit similar resumes.


If you use AI to write or improve your resume, follow these best practices:

  • Do not submit a copy-and-paste AI-generated resume. Many AI tools post disclaimers on their content for good reason. The content may contain spelling and grammar errors, as well as inaccuracies. Always edit an AI resume and check for issues that could dampen an employer’s impression of your application.

  • Personalize your AI-generated resume. Savvy hiring managers can tell when a resume has come straight out of an AI tool. Be sure to read through and edit the AI-generated content to make it your own. You can create resume sections such as a summary of your background or listing your unique achievements to add a personal touch that reflects your particular professional experience. Use numbers to quantify your accomplishments and add interesting details to personalize your resume.

  • Don’t use content suggestions that aren’t true. Just because AI suggests that you list certain experiences or skills, that doesn’t mean you should include them on your resume if they don’t accurately reflect your background. If an employer discovers you’ve submitted false information, they might quickly disqualify you from the hiring process.

AI is constantly learning and improving, which is excellent news for job seekers and those in need of a resume update. By adding your personal touch and AI-assisted keywords and formatting you’ll submit a strong resume that helps you stand out among other applicants to get the role you want.


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