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For over 50 years, Business Professionals by Nelson Connects has been the trusted staffing partner for job seekers in California and beyond.

Our business expertise means a superior job search experience for you

We know that strong administrative, human resources, marketing, and sales departments are key to the world's most successful companies. And those companies need people like you to help them thrive. Every day we help candidates find new jobs that meet their employment goals and maximize their potential.

Our company philosophy is built on transparency and trust, which means we approach every relationship as a collaborative partnership that empowers you to realize your version of success, whether in a full-time, temporary, or consulting role.

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Reviews and Testimonials


Candidate: Business Professionals

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your incredible communication and support in helping me get connected with a new employer. If it wasn’t for you reaching out to me on LinkedIn, your very easygoing personality, and phenomenal communication and support, I wouldn’t be in this great company. You made it easier for me than I could have ever imagined changing companies could be. During orientation two other women had mentioned being placed with this company as temps via Nelson Connects, and while they had different recruiters, they had similar experiences. If I learn of anyone looking for a career change I will, without a doubt, see how I can connect them with you or someone on the Nelson Connects team. Thanks again for everything!"


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Nelson Connects, and specifically Eli, changed my life for the better by connecting me with the opportunity to work for a company that excited both my passion and my desire for professional growth. Additionally, Eli was a champion for me and got me the salary and benefits I asked for immediately. My family and I have experienced a tremendous improvement in our quality of life thanks to the hard work of Eli at Nelson Connects. Thankful for all of it!"

Director of Operations

Client: Real Estate Firm

“Working with Debi and Nelson Connects is always an absolute pleasure. Everyone at Nelson Connects is personable, responsive and I can tell how much they care about finding the right fit for me at any of my future jobs. Debi specifically has been incredible to work with since day one. She checks in, makes sure I am receiving the support I need and is always willing to go above and beyond. I’ve known Debi for years and will continue to come to her any time I am looking for a new job opportunity and will continue to refer all my friends and family to her! You are in the best hands when working with Debi and Nelson Connects.”


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Hi Elke, things have been going great with this company and position! Thank you for your amazing efforts in helping me land this role. Prior to this position, I’d been working as a barista and really felt things were at an all-time low with the pandemic and my luck with finding new jobs hadn’t been great. You helped find a great role for me and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re the best!"


Candidate: Business Professionals

"I wanted to let you know I was offered a permanent, full-time position! I couldn't be happier, and I owe it to you - thank you SO MUCH for your help and support with this. This has really changed my life. I am sincerely grateful for all your kindness and support, and wish you the very, very best for the future <3."


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Dear Elke, I want to thank you again for finding me the perfect job. I am so happy. This placement is perfect. I am forever grateful"


Client: Food Service Marketing Firm

“My company used Nelson Connects for staffing services. We were transitioning the business from 1099 contractors to W-2 employees over a 12-month period. I honestly didn’t know how many of the employment laws and regulations worked and needed a solution. The Nelson Connects team made it easy! They educated me, set all the employees up and created a simply way to track time for payment. My team loved the simplicity and mostly the direct deposit connection versus the paper checks we had used. I recommend Debi and her team at Nelson Connects if you want staffing solutions that work.”


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Thank you Elke for assisting me with the employment search and delegating for me to get a higher pay, great schedule and going above for me with the direction on using Smart Train for this position in Novato. I am truly thankful. "


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Hi Elke! Thanks so much! The last 6 months have flown by, but at the same time it felt like an eternity for me to get hired on. I even stopped expecting it, and then it happened! I can’t even tell you how happy I am. This would not have happened without you, and without you fighting for me & getting the door open for me. I’ve enjoyed working with you! And I would do it again. Thank you so much for everything! I’ll keep in touch. "


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Elke and everyone at Nelson have been terrific to work with. I have gotten really fun, dynamic assignments from them at local businesses that I would not have had the chance to work at on my own, from a concierge moving company to a fire station!


After my last assignment ended, Elke contacted me about a great opportunity that was a perfect fit with my background and I ended up hiring on. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work shows through, wherever you are in the job hunting process, and made it a joy to work with Nelson Connects. I wholeheartedly recommend Nelson Connects to candidates and employers and have met amazing people through the company."

Meet some of our Business Professionals experts


Rick Croteau

Senior Recruiting Manager

South Bay/Peninsula

Peter Eiges

Peter Eiges

Executive Recruiter

East Bay


Ana Haro

Recruiting Manager



Sabrina Hernandez

Executive Recruiter

Marin County


Renea Hughes

Recruiting Manager

Sacramento/Central Valley


Alexander Jones

Recruiting Manager

Southern California


Erica Kramer

Managing Director


Rebecca Longenecker

Executive Recruiter

Northern California

Hannah Meinken

Hannah Meinken

Recruiting Manager

North Bay


Rocco Orozco

Executive Recruiter

Pleasant Hill/East Bay


Ashley Readdick




Jordana Schacht

Executive Recruiter

Marin County


Madilynn Sepp

Recruiting Manager

Napa/Marin County


Camelia Surber

Recruiting Manager

South Bay/Peninsula

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