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Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your tech career or are a seasoned professional looking for a new position, we know you want a recruiting partner who has a pulse on the tech industry and recognizes the nuances of each hiring organization. Our promise starts with bringing a personal touch to tech staffing and recruiting by taking the time to understand your employment objectives and offering opportunities that will help you achieve your career aspirations.

With our Silicon Valley roots, nationwide client network, and future-focused approach, we’re here to empower you to achieve the success you envision in the highly competitive technology space.

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Reviews and Testimonials


Candidate: Technology

“Can't say enough good things about my time with Nelson Connects. My experience has felt more like family, than co-workers. Every single member of the staff I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with have been caring and compassionate. They have always made sure to make me feel valued and respected, while maintaining a thorough and informative approach. I’m incredibly fortunate to be associated with this team and commend them on their incredible and well-deserved success.”

Head of Human Resources

Client: Private Equity Investments Platform

“From the outset of our business relationship, Evan demonstrated professionalism, instinctually understood the firm’s needs and continues to be a valuable resource for future recruiting needs. I have happily and without reservations recommended Evan and Nelson Connects as valuable resources to my colleagues.”


Candidate: Technology

“Nelson Connects notified me of an opportunity at the top technology company in the U.S. Mike, Todd, and the onboarding team did a great job preparing me and walking me through the process. I highly recommend this team because of their outstanding communication, energy, and professionalism. Currently, I work for my dream company and the whole experience has been incredibly rewarding.”

Systems Administration

Client: Health Care

“I have confidence when I contact Urvashi and her team at Nelson Connects to fulfill any of our hard-to-fill positions. Recruiting is not only about matching qualifications, it’s also about truly listening and asking the right questions to search for people who are aligned with an organization’s mission and values. Nelson Connects stays engaged and builds relationships as well as pipelines talent who are interested and waiting for the right opportunity. Even on short notice, Nelson Connects is able to search and present people quickly. You can be assured your recruitment needs are also prioritized and within budget. I highly recommend utilizing Nelson Connects as a trusted advisor and resource for all of your hiring needs.”


Candidate: Technology

“I've been working with Michelle for over a year and a half and she has helped my land a handful of different positions. Michelle is very professional and I enjoy working with her very much. She’s always helpful when I have any questions and she’s always been able to answer them. She has great communication skills, is very good at what she does, and I would recommend her to any of my friends that are seeking employment.”

People Operations Manager

Client: Software & Services Company

“I just wanted to sing (not really sing, but you get it) the praises of Kevin. He is in constant communication and shares his roadblocks so that the team knows what is going on. One of our technical hiring managers mentioned they like working with Kevin as he has technical chops and is not just pushing us candidates – he finds us good people. I just wanted you to know how much we value his work and partnership.”


Candidate: Technology

“Michelle has been the best recruiter I've ever had over the last 8 years doing contracting work through various staffing agencies. She has a real talent for being able to match individual skills with what the client is looking for. They are most often longer contracts with good pay which makes it worthwhile for all parties. Michelle is responsive, attentive, and efficient at keeping in touch after long periods of time. I look forward to working with Michelle in the future should the need arise.”

Human Resources Manager

Client: Software & Services Company

“Kevin has been a pleasure to work with. He is technically strong and always eager to learn new technologies that are relevant to our business. He tries to understand our company, initiatives, and future roadmaps. As a result, we get skillful candidates in a timely manner who are also good culture fits! I enjoy working with Kevin and will continue partnering with him.”


Candidate: Technology

“My experience working with Nelson Connects was one of the better ones in working with a technical recruiter. Evan is very much the real deal and throughout my search process, he was able to keep eyes on the prize on my behalf and ultimately landed me at an amazing company working with an incredible team. A job search can be frustrating and at times, underwhelming. But I can honestly say that working with Evan and Nelson Connects opened my eyes to what is truly possible when a recruiter is focused on placing you somewhere that your talents and skills will be showcased best.”

AVP, Program Strategy & Delivery

Client: Financial Technology

“Working with Kevin has been an entirely positive experience.  We tested Kevin with a few talent acquisition needs which had otherwise stalled. Kevin listened to our needs, quickly produced high-quality leads, and filled our toughest positions. Moreover, Kevin proved his integrity as an honest broker, seeking the best outcome for his candidates while also correctly representing the priorities of our business.”


Candidate: Technology

“In February 2020 I was first contacted by Michelle of Nelson Connects. Michelle not only FULLY reviewed my resume and qualifications, she cared enough to actually listen to express my career goals. She matched me with client companies not only from the technical standpoint, but also in terms of client company culture. I consider myself lucky to have had the pleasure of working with a technical recruiter with such a strong work ethic, professionalism, and determination to find the best opportunities for IT professionals like myself who like her possess strong skills, work ethic, and work with a spirit of excellence. Thank you Michelle!”


Client: Information Technology

“I had the pleasure of working with Evan and Nelson Connects regarding a senior technical leadership role in 2022. In short they were a joy to work with. Evan and the team’s communication throughout the entire process was excellent. They had their finger on the pulse of the volatile market shifts and had an excellent pool of candidates to source from. I would highly recommend them and work with them again.”


Candidate: Technology

“Kendal found me on LinkedIn and asked me to apply for her client's contract job. Throughout the process, Kendal was helpful, friendly, and openly interested in supporting my career strategizing. I am grateful that she matched me so skillfully and followed through with the whole process!”

Human Resources Manager

Client: Autonomous Vehicle Company

“I highly recommend Kevin for your next executive (or other) search. We recently partnered with Kevin and were impressed with his timely follow-up skills as well as his commitment to transparent communication. He really listened to our needs in a candidate and used his scoping abilities to bring us qualified individuals.”


Candidate: Technology

“Michelle is an awesome recruiter who has made my IT life a very promising and fruitful experience. … She has gotten jobs that have not only helped my career as far as experience goes, but the jobs have also helped monetarily that I probably wouldn’t have been able to negotiate myself. … I recommended her to two of my previous co-workers, and she is doing an amazing job finding them above market work. … I’ve been able to work with systems and utilize my certifications and knowledge that I’ve received working the various jobs she placed me in that I couldn’t before. … I want to thank her for her work she has done for me. I trust her!”

Program Manager

Client: Autonomous Vehicle Company

“Nelson Connects and I have been working together for 4 short months, but our partnership has been advantageous to our Contingent Workforce Program's growth so far. My team and I have worked with Urvashi closely, and she is a pleasure to work with when it comes to hard-to-fill reqs, negotiation, market data, and overall suggestions and recommendations she has shared with us.”

Meet some of our Technology experts


John Ebert

Executive Recruiter

South Bay


Kendal Johnson

Senior Staff Supervisor

South Bay

Katleho Lebepe-Byrd

Katleho Lebepe-Byrd

Executive Recruiter

South Bay


Kevin Roberts

Director of Executive Search

South Bay


Evan Sjostrom

Director of Executive Search

South Bay

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