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Working with Nelson Connects is easy. Simply contact us, and we'll connect you with one of our staffing or recruiting specialists who is ready to partner with you every step of the way.

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Grounded in authenticity, trust, and transparency, our collaborative approach delivers exceptional service and builds long-lasting partnerships with both employers and job seekers.

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Reviews and Testimonials


Client: Food Service Marketing Firm

“My company used Nelson Connects for staffing services. We were transitioning the business from 1099 contractors to W-2 employees over a 12-month period. I honestly didn’t know how many of the employment laws and regulations worked and needed a solution. The Nelson Connects team made it easy! They educated me, set all the employees up and created a simply way to track time for payment. My team loved the simplicity and mostly the direct deposit connection versus the paper checks we had used. I recommend Debi and her team at Nelson Connects if you want staffing solutions that work.”


Candidate: Business Professionals

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your incredible communication and support in helping me get connected with a new employer. If it wasn’t for you reaching out to me on LinkedIn, your very easygoing personality, and phenomenal communication and support, I wouldn’t be in this great company. You made it easier for me than I could have ever imagined changing companies could be. During orientation two other women had mentioned being placed with this company as temps via Nelson Connects, and while they had different recruiters, they had similar experiences. If I learn of anyone looking for a career change I will, without a doubt, see how I can connect them with you or someone on the Nelson Connects team. Thanks again for everything!"

Director of Operations

Client: Real Estate Firm

“Working with Debi and Nelson Connects is always an absolute pleasure. Everyone at Nelson Connects is personable, responsive and I can tell how much they care about finding the right fit for me at any of my future jobs. Debi specifically has been incredible to work with since day one. She checks in, makes sure I am receiving the support I need and is always willing to go above and beyond. I’ve known Debi for years and will continue to come to her any time I am looking for a new job opportunity and will continue to refer all my friends and family to her! You are in the best hands when working with Debi and Nelson Connects.”


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Nelson Connects, and specifically Eli, changed my life for the better by connecting me with the opportunity to work for a company that excited both my passion and my desire for professional growth. Additionally, Eli was a champion for me and got me the salary and benefits I asked for immediately. My family and I have experienced a tremendous improvement in our quality of life thanks to the hard work of Eli at Nelson Connects. Thankful for all of it!"


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Hi Elke, things have been going great with this company and position! Thank you for your amazing efforts in helping me land this role. Prior to this position, I’d been working as a barista and really felt things were at an all-time low with the pandemic and my luck with finding new jobs hadn’t been great. You helped find a great role for me and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re the best!"


Candidate: Business Professionals

"I wanted to let you know I was offered a permanent, full-time position! I couldn't be happier, and I owe it to you - thank you SO MUCH for your help and support with this. This has really changed my life. I am sincerely grateful for all your kindness and support, and wish you the very, very best for the future <3."


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Dear Elke, I want to thank you again for finding me the perfect job. I am so happy. This placement is perfect. I am forever grateful"


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Thank you Elke for assisting me with the employment search and delegating for me to get a higher pay, great schedule and going above for me with the direction on using Smart Train for this position in Novato. I am truly thankful. "


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Hi Elke! Thanks so much! The last 6 months have flown by, but at the same time it felt like an eternity for me to get hired on. I even stopped expecting it, and then it happened! I can’t even tell you how happy I am. This would not have happened without you, and without you fighting for me & getting the door open for me. I’ve enjoyed working with you! And I would do it again. Thank you so much for everything! I’ll keep in touch. "


Candidate: Business Professionals

"Elke and everyone at Nelson have been terrific to work with. I have gotten really fun, dynamic assignments from them at local businesses that I would not have had the chance to work at on my own, from a concierge moving company to a fire station!


After my last assignment ended, Elke contacted me about a great opportunity that was a perfect fit with my background and I ended up hiring on. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work shows through, wherever you are in the job hunting process, and made it a joy to work with Nelson Connects. I wholeheartedly recommend Nelson Connects to candidates and employers and have met amazing people through the company."

Senior Manager, Collections

Client: Education Software Company

“Nelson Connects has been instrumental in providing skilled resources to assist our collections team in driving down aged receivables. The ongoing project has been successful in part due to its outstanding talent and its top-notch management team.”


Candidate: Finance & Accounting

"As an Associate with Nelson Connects from 2000 to 2012 and again in 2021, I have to say that there is no other agency that would care and work with you like Nelson Connects. I've recommended so many of my peers and friends because I know they will receive a positive experience from beginning to end. Thank you for all the amazing years you have given me and all of the wonderful opportunities you have place me on. I love Nelson Connects and am grateful to have such an agency that is committed to assisting their staff succeed."

VP, Finance

Client: Food Industry

“It has been a pleasure to work with Nelson Connects. We appreciate their professionalism and responsiveness. Our Business Development Manager, Suzanne, invests the time to understand the needs of our organization, job requirements for open roles and what we are looking for in candidates and future employees. She has provided us great talent that fit both technically and culturally.”


Candidate: Finance & Accounting

"Nelson Connects staff are truly wonderful! They took the time to listen to my needs and within a week they presented me with opportunities that matched up with my skills as well as my need to work remotely. They also took the time to continue to reach out after I started my assignment to assure that I was happy. I have worked with other staffing agencies in the past and Nelson Connects is by far the best!"

Client: Finance & Accounting

"I have worked with Nelson Connects over the years and have had nothing but positive experiences with their firm. Besides hiring needs they have proven to be a great resource for other needs such as detail salary information. Most recently we needed a top notch "super" Sr. Accountant that we initially tried to place on our own. The candidates brought to my attention by Nelson Connects were hands down superior to what we were finding on our own. Ultimately, we made a great hire thanks to Nelson Connects' involvement every step of the way! They clearly knew what we needed and did a great job gauging the right person who would also fit in our unique environment."


Candidate: Finance & Accounting

"I’ve been working with Nelson Connects for a long time now. I love their professionalism and appreciate all their support in furthering my career! I’ve had the best luck with Nelson Connects - they found me my current role and other great positions that happily worked out for years!"


Client: Restaurant/Hospitality

"Nelson Connects has continuously provided our company with exceptional service and highly qualified candidates. We have utilized Nelson Connects for both high level Direct Hire positions as well as temporary assignments, and with each position have been given access to a pool of talented people we would otherwise not have access to. Through the years we have developed a strong professional relationship with their staff and can say with confidence that we will continue this relationship for a long, long time."


Client: Wine & Spirits

"Working with Nelson Connects makes my job as an HR Manager so much easier! We recently partnered with them on a search for multiple positions. This was a difficult search as it required the candidates to train in southern California and eventually work at our corporate office in the Bay Area. They coordinated the interviews very quickly with qualified candidates and within a very short turnaround the positions were filled! Nelson Connects does a great job & I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a professional and mature staffing team."

Human Resources Manager

Client: Manufacturing

"The Nelson Connects team did a great job at understanding our needs and presenting great candidates. They were professional, organized, and timely. I would definitely work with them again!"

Director of Accounting & Finance

Client: Wine and Spirits

"Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to work with the Nelson Connects team to recruit for several key roles within my Accounting/Finance department.  They were extremely successful in identifying exceptional talent and I was impressed with their level of professionalism and responsiveness.  I would highly recommend working with Nelson Connects for Accounting and Finance recruiting needs at any level."

VP of Winery Operations

Client: Wine and Spirits

"When recruiting for a Senior Pricing Analyst, I reached out to Nelson Connects and engaged their services. I hired a candidate presented to us predominantly because they listened to what I was looking for in a candidate and was able to provide a good match. I was so pleased with the experience that I have continued to reach out to Nelson Connects for additional hiring needs."

VP Market Insights and Global Pricing

Client: Wine and Spirits

"For several years, I’ve been working with Nelson Connects to fill a variety of staffing needs. They consistently offer top notch experience, provide exemplary customer service, and deliver the caliber of candidates that will be successful in our entrepreneurial environment."

Human Resources Manager, SPHR

Client: Retail

"We have enjoyed a long-term relationship with Nelson Connects and have worked with them exclusively to assist us on a variety of recruiting needs. Most recently, I had the opportunity to engage the Finance & Accounting team at Nelson Connects in a highly complex search to identify a new CFO. We have a deeply rooted history in Sonoma County and building a strong team is vital to our continued success.  Not only did the recruiters at Nelson Connects present us with a panel of impressive candidates; they worked diligently to ensure that we had access to the best talent in our industry. I can feel completely confident that I have hired the best person for this role.  I would highly recommend working with Nelson Connects for all your financial recruiting/staffing needs."

CEO & President

Client: Real Estate

"We were growing faster than expected and quickly needed to bring on a CFO specific to our industry.  This was a critical hire for us, and we needed to identify someone in our industry, complete our due diligence and move quickly to meet with appropriate candidates.  Within 3 weeks of our first conversation with Joseph we extended an offer and hired a fantastic CFO. I would strongly recommend working with Joseph and Nelson Connects."


Client: Retail Apparel

"We trust Nelson Connects to help us find seasonal tax professionals. They understand our needs and always do a great job in finding knowledgeable and dependable people. Their tax professionals allow us the ability to meet the demands of increased workload during certain times of the year and provide quality service to our clients."


Client: CPA, Audit and Accounting

"We’re happy to recommend Nelson Connects. They offer top quality service and stand behind their people. From Tax Manager to seasonal tax assembly, Nelson Connects has helped us find the best talent in the area. They understood our busy schedule and worked with us to get the right person for the job."

Firm Administrator

Client: CPA, Audit and Accounting

"Their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. We really appreciate their high level of service and follow-through. Even when we have an urgent need, we know they will send us a great employee on time and on budget!"

Employment Specialist

Client: Health Care

"On a scale of 1 to 10, they are a 12! They’re fantastic! They provide outstanding customer service, and they understand the personality and caliber of people who are going to fit in with our organization. They are mindful of my budget and make it feel like a partnership…  I use them exclusively…  they just always get it done."

Director of Human Resources

Client: Wine Industry

"Their people go the extra mile to ensure we have the right people at the right time in the right place."

VP of Human Resources

Client: Food Manufacturing

"They’re fabulous. Nelson Connects is very good at what they do. They are experienced at staffing all levels within a wide variety of organizations. I really like the quality of people we get. When you call into them, they know you. They know what our standards are, and they know that quality always comes first.  I feel that they’re always looking out for our best interests. They want to make sure it’s a good fit and I think their customer services is outstanding."

Human Resources Manager

Client: Manufacturing

"I highly recommend Nelson Connects to anyone needing assistance of a staffing professional for the recruiting of an Accounting or Finance position. They have helped me fill positions on numerous occasions… Nelson Connects is an Accounting and Finance staffing firm I trust."

Human Resources Manager

Client: Wine & Spirits

"I would highly recommend Nelson Connects to anyone needing staffing assistance. Not only have they presented us with top quality candidates, but they have found an efficient way to screen a group of candidates without taking very much time out of my day. Most recently they set up back-to-back thirty-minute interviews with five candidates at their office. We had a chance to meet and talk with all five of them, time to compare notes, and pick one or two in bring back for a second more in-depth interview at our office. We also use Nelson Connects for both temporary staffing and market information. They are willing to sit down with us and talk about the market trends and how that will affect my business. With their team, I can feel completely confident that I have been presented with the best candidates."

Director of HR

Client: Energy

"I had the opportunity to work with Nelson Connects when I needed to bring on an Accounting Finance Controller. Our need was unique in that I had to bring someone on quickly with Retail Industry experience. Nelson Connects was quick to respond, and I was very pleased. We made a great hire, and I will continue to seek out their assistance when needed."

HR Director

Client: Manufacturing Company

“I have been working with Nelson Connects for many years now. Their team is an amazing group of talented individuals that know my industry and what type of people I’m looking for. They have always gone above and beyond to provide excellent service. I value their input and enjoy working with the whole team!”


Candidate: Manufacturing & Logistics

“Had barely come to town as a last minute ditch effort for a pivot in life. Found myself at the front door of Nelson Connects speaking with a kind soul (Aimee ), who pointed me in a new direction in which I’ve never seen or heard of before in my life. Months into the project I had a difficult time in my personal life and was in complete amazement when my recruiter went above and beyond to make sure everything will be just fine. I’ve been loving every minute at my new job and hopeful it turns into a career soon.”

Human Resources Professional

Client: Food Manufacturing Company

“I wanted to let you know how great and wonderful Mauricio and Mary are and have been to work with! The teamwork and relationship I’ve built with them for almost the past year has been exceptional. They respond to me timely and are always on top of their game!

I appreciate all their hard work in getting our baking team staffed and all the great candidates they have assisted on bringing on to my team and being able to hire them on permanently/directly afterwards. I appreciate Mary and Mauricio so much: their dedication, time and effort they put forth in providing us with our staffing needs. They both go above and beyond and have been a joy to work with. Again, a BIG thank you to Mauricio and Mary and the rest of your team (including Nicole) on this partnership! I look forward to many more years of working with you all. Thank you!”


Candidate: Manufacturing & Logistics

“Wanted to take a minute to say how much I appreciate working with the Nelson Connects Santa Rosa team! I am retired but still like to work projects so they have put me on multiple assignments at different client sites, they know exactly which projects will work for me. This team is always kind and professional. I also appreciate how detailed they are with providing me all of the information I need for each project I am going to. I highly recommend working with Nelson Connects!”

General Manager

Client: Materials Manufacturing Company

“Nelson Connects, our business partner, has proven to be the most effective source to cover our needs regarding temporary employees.

A quick phone call, e-mail, or text is enough to have the Nelson Connects team send people either to be interviewed or already pre-filtered candidates to start as machine operators or clean room employees.

We have also hired summer interns though Nelson Connects, which allows us to cover peaks of demand as well as special tasks and short-term projects.

Our company and Nelson Connects are both happy to see temporary employees becoming long-term employees.”


Candidate: Manufacturing & Logistics

“Quiero agradecer a Nelson Connects por ayudarme a conseguir trabajo, en especial a Aimee que con su gratitud sabiendo que mi inglés no es bueno siempre trató  de hacerme sentirme bien, no solo es una empleadora, sabe escuchar, aconseja y eso me motiva. Desde ya muchas gracias por todo.

I want to thank Nelson Connects for helping me find a job, especially Aimee because my English is not good and she is always trying to make me feel good, not only as an employee. She knows how to listen, she advises and motivates me. I am very grateful.”

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Client: Glass Manufacturing Company

“In the short time I have been working with Matt and Nelson Connects, I have developed a great working relationship. Matt is very knowledgeable and is very invested in procuring the right candidates for us. He follows up and asks for feedback on all candidates he presents. He has successfully found two great candidates for two different positions for the company. I look forward to continuing my working relationship with Matt.”


Candidate: Manufacturing & Logistics

“I have been with Nelson Connects for many years and it has been a great way for me to obtain work at different companies. I am currently working at one of those companies for over a year. I am very thankful of all the work opportunities that Nelson Connects has provided me with. It’s being always a nice experience interacting with Nelson Connects team.”

VP of Human Resources

Client: Automotive Glass Distributor

“Matt has been a valuable partner in helping us find rock stars that we have added to our team! He takes the time to understand the qualifications of our positions and our company culture. Not only did Matt vet out candidates, he also found qualified, dynamic people for us to hire in two different departments – Human Resources and Sales. His candidates have hit the ground running and made a positive impact on our business.”


Candidate: Manufacturing & Logistics (Executive Search)

“I have had the opportunity to work with Matt while pursuing an Account Manager position. After an initial interview, Matt acted as a great liaison between me and the hiring company. Through the interview process to the final offer, he constantly kept me updated. I highly recommend his service.”


Candidate: Manufacturing & Logistics (Executive Search)

“I was very pleased with Matt and his attention to detail. He was straight to the point, very knowledgeable, and patient. I have never experienced such service like the one he provided to me in a time of need. Thank you so much Matt, for building a connection and helping me find a new place to expand my career and experience.”


Candidate: Manufacturing & Logistics (Executive Search)

“Being suddenly unemployed can be a tough experience. As a husband with two young children, the thought of being unemployed after a massive layoff  made me think of long, stressful days searching for the next opportunity. 

But Matt at Nelson Connects helped me along my journey. Matt was awesome with communication  and gave me confidence a new job was on the horizon. Matt did great prepping me with interview questions and techniques to crush the process. Once it came to the negotiation after an initial job offer, Matt did great communicating with me for what I was looking for and made me feel like I had my own agent working for me on my next big deal. Once done, Matt also checked in after my first week to assure the job was the right fit. 

Overall, working with the Nelson Connects team and Matt in particular was a fantastic experience.”

Head of Human Resources

Client: Private Equity Investments Platform

“From the outset of our business relationship, Evan demonstrated professionalism, instinctually understood the firm’s needs and continues to be a valuable resource for future recruiting needs. I have happily and without reservations recommended Evan and Nelson Connects as valuable resources to my colleagues.”


Candidate: Technology

“Can't say enough good things about my time with Nelson Connects. My experience has felt more like family, than co-workers. Every single member of the staff I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with have been caring and compassionate. They have always made sure to make me feel valued and respected, while maintaining a thorough and informative approach. I’m incredibly fortunate to be associated with this team and commend them on their incredible and well-deserved success.”

Systems Administration

Client: Health Care

“I have confidence when I contact Urvashi and her team at Nelson Connects to fulfill any of our hard-to-fill positions. Recruiting is not only about matching qualifications, it’s also about truly listening and asking the right questions to search for people who are aligned with an organization’s mission and values. Nelson Connects stays engaged and builds relationships as well as pipelines talent who are interested and waiting for the right opportunity. Even on short notice, Nelson Connects is able to search and present people quickly. You can be assured your recruitment needs are also prioritized and within budget. I highly recommend utilizing Nelson Connects as a trusted advisor and resource for all of your hiring needs.”


Candidate: Technology

“Nelson Connects notified me of an opportunity at the top technology company in the U.S. Mike, Todd, and the onboarding team did a great job preparing me and walking me through the process. I highly recommend this team because of their outstanding communication, energy, and professionalism. Currently, I work for my dream company and the whole experience has been incredibly rewarding.”

Human Resources Manager

Client: Software & Services Company

“Kevin has been a pleasure to work with. He is technically strong and always eager to learn new technologies that are relevant to our business. He tries to understand our company, initiatives, and future roadmaps. As a result, we get skillful candidates in a timely manner who are also good culture fits! I enjoy working with Kevin and will continue partnering with him.”


Candidate: Technology

“I've been working with Michelle for over a year and a half and she has helped my land a handful of different positions. Michelle is very professional and I enjoy working with her very much. She’s always helpful when I have any questions and she’s always been able to answer them. She has great communication skills, is very good at what she does, and I would recommend her to any of my friends that are seeking employment.”

People Operations Manager

Client: Software & Services Company

“I just wanted to sing (not really sing, but you get it) the praises of Kevin. He is in constant communication and shares his roadblocks so that the team knows what is going on. One of our technical hiring managers mentioned they like working with Kevin as he has technical chops and is not just pushing us candidates – he finds us good people. I just wanted you to know how much we value his work and partnership.”


Candidate: Technology

“My experience working with Nelson Connects was one of the better ones in working with a technical recruiter. Evan is very much the real deal and throughout my search process, he was able to keep eyes on the prize on my behalf and ultimately landed me at an amazing company working with an incredible team. A job search can be frustrating and at times, underwhelming. But I can honestly say that working with Evan and Nelson Connects opened my eyes to what is truly possible when a recruiter is focused on placing you somewhere that your talents and skills will be showcased best.”

AVP, Program Strategy & Delivery

Client: Financial Technology

“Working with Kevin has been an entirely positive experience.  We tested Kevin with a few talent acquisition needs which had otherwise stalled. Kevin listened to our needs, quickly produced high-quality leads, and filled our toughest positions. Moreover, Kevin proved his integrity as an honest broker, seeking the best outcome for his candidates while also correctly representing the priorities of our business.”


Candidate: Technology

“In February 2020 I was first contacted by Michelle of Nelson Connects. Michelle not only FULLY reviewed my resume and qualifications, she cared enough to actually listen to express my career goals. She matched me with client companies not only from the technical standpoint, but also in terms of client company culture. I consider myself lucky to have had the pleasure of working with a technical recruiter with such a strong work ethic, professionalism, and determination to find the best opportunities for IT professionals like myself who like her possess strong skills, work ethic, and work with a spirit of excellence. Thank you Michelle!”


Client: Information Technology

“I had the pleasure of working with Evan and Nelson Connects regarding a senior technical leadership role in 2022. In short they were a joy to work with. Evan and the team’s communication throughout the entire process was excellent. They had their finger on the pulse of the volatile market shifts and had an excellent pool of candidates to source from. I would highly recommend them and work with them again.”


Candidate: Technology

“Kendal found me on LinkedIn and asked me to apply for her client's contract job. Throughout the process, Kendal was helpful, friendly, and openly interested in supporting my career strategizing. I am grateful that she matched me so skillfully and followed through with the whole process!”

Human Resources Manager

Client: Autonomous Vehicle Company

“I highly recommend Kevin for your next executive (or other) search. We recently partnered with Kevin and were impressed with his timely follow-up skills as well as his commitment to transparent communication. He really listened to our needs in a candidate and used his scoping abilities to bring us qualified individuals.”


Candidate: Technology

“Michelle has been the best recruiter I've ever had over the last 8 years doing contracting work through various staffing agencies. She has a real talent for being able to match individual skills with what the client is looking for. They are most often longer contracts with good pay which makes it worthwhile for all parties. Michelle is responsive, attentive, and efficient at keeping in touch after long periods of time. I look forward to working with Michelle in the future should the need arise.”

Program Manager

Client: Autonomous Vehicle Company

“Nelson Connects and I have been working together for 4 short months, but our partnership has been advantageous to our Contingent Workforce Program's growth so far. My team and I have worked with Urvashi closely, and she is a pleasure to work with when it comes to hard-to-fill reqs, negotiation, market data, and overall suggestions and recommendations she has shared with us.”


Candidate: Technology

“Michelle is an awesome recruiter who has made my IT life a very promising and fruitful experience. … She has gotten jobs that have not only helped my career as far as experience goes, but the jobs have also helped monetarily that I probably wouldn’t have been able to negotiate myself. … I recommended her to two of my previous co-workers, and she is doing an amazing job finding them above market work. … I’ve been able to work with systems and utilize my certifications and knowledge that I’ve received working the various jobs she placed me in that I couldn’t before. … I want to thank her for her work she has done for me. I trust her!”

Vice President, Sales

Client: Spirits Company

“Caitlyn has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and is a total professional. I would recommend her to anyone when looking to meet their hiring needs.”


Candidate: Wine & Spirits

“I applied to a position on LinkedIn that was posted by Nelson Connects (Wine & Spirits). From the start, Nicole was beyond helpful throughout the entire process. She continually checked in, was a major advocate for me during the interview process and was also an influential piece in getting the job. I can't thank Nicole and Nelson Connects enough for playing a pivotal role in my job search and ultimately helping me get the job!”

General Manager

Client: Cooperage

“I started working with Nicole and Nelson Connects in 2020, and since that time Nelson Connects has filled two critical positions for our organization with valued employees who are still part of our team. We filled both a sales and operational position, so different roles and candidates, and the process was great both times. Hiring the right team members is critical, especially for a smaller, family-owned business like ours, and there is a lot of nuance to evaluation, negotiation, benefits, etc. Nelson Connects guided us through the process and repeatedly presented interesting candidates. I recommend Nelson Connects to industry colleagues looking to fill important roles.”


Candidate: Wine & Spirits

“If you are hiring for a role or looking to find a job in the wine and spirits industry, Executive Recruiter Caitlyn should be your first call. She is a natural connector with extensive relationships in the industry and loves helping people find their perfect role and ultimate happiness. Caitlyn has a passion for the beverage industry with a progressive career working for restaurants, distributors, and suppliers/importers. This direct experience sets her apart and gives her a competitive edge in knowing what it takes to succeed. Working as an agency recruiter makes her scope national, with new roles opening daily across every business segment, from the winery, operations, finance, sales, marketing, and everything in between.”

Co-Directeur Général

Client: Wine Importer

“As co-owner of  a large wine importer of Bordeaux wines, I have used the services of Nelson Connects for six years and have recruited six people through their platform. I have always been very pleased with their services and professionalism. Lately I have worked with Nicole and recruited two regional managers. The experience was extremely positive, and Nicole has been committed to our project.”

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