5 Sure Ways To Boost Holiday Hiring

October 28, 2021
By Brian Carberry

Many warehouse operators look to ramp up production over the holiday season, but finding the necessary headcount for your open assembly jobs has been challenging during the pandemic. In fact, a study from Zebra found that 60% of warehouse decision-makers say labor recruiting is currently their top pain point.

There are several strategies operators should follow this year to be more successful with holiday hiring. Here are five tips you can use to attract and retain reliable light assembly talent in a competitive job market.


1. Offer Competitive Pay

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a materials mover or hand laborer was about $30,000 — or roughly $14.43 an hour. Offering your holiday talent $1 or even $.50 more than your average rate for a warehouse job can be all the difference you need to get more heads in the door.


You could even consider offering performance or attendance bonuses to encourage your hourly workers to show up consistently and on time for their shifts, rather than just disappearing after a few days.


2. Consider Flexible Scheduling

In addition to competitive pay, you can also attract talent for your warehouse jobs with flexible scheduling policies.


Granted, this might not be possible with some positions. However, if you have the ability to allow your hourly workers to have a say in their hours or scheduled days, it could go a long way in helping you fill those assembly jobs.


3. Provide Benefits That Employees Really Want

You’re probably already offering some form of health benefits for your hourly workers. However, you should also consider retirement matching and paid time off as incentives.


If you really want to make a splash and build a positive culture, consider things that help maintain a good work-life balance. A raffle or gift cards for top performers is a popular option. In addition, if your warehouse jobs help support a major brand, offer employee discounts for your hourly workers after they’ve been on the job for a certain amount of time.


4. Focus on Workplace Safety

Workspace safety has always been a priority for people looking for assembly jobs. It’s even more important during a pandemic.


In addition to standard safety procedures that you’re already practicing, sell up your COVID-19 precautions. Consider implementing socially distanced workspaces, vaccination requirements, or mask mandates to help your employees feel safe.


5. Allow Opportunities for Advancement

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports that as recently as July 2019, up to 12% of lower-income hourly workers switched jobs. Many of those moved on for more money, but some also were looking for a stronger career path.


You can attract and retain the best talent by offering on-the-job training and realistic opportunities for advancement within your company. Explain this benefit as part of your onboarding and empower your hourly employees to grow in your organization.


The holiday season is already stressful enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about finding the best workers for your warehouse jobs. Follow our tips for hiring in a competitive light assembly job market and you’ll be ready for the holiday rush.


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Brian Carberry is an award-winning journalist and content creator based in Atlanta. He specializes in career and workplace trends, business solutions, and the rental housing market. His work has been featured in CNN, Forbes, Fox Business, Wall Street Journal, and hundreds of local media outlets across the country. 

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