How to Align HR KPIs with Business Strategy

December 18, 2019
By Nelson Connects

how to use KPIs to position your HR team as a strategic asset to the organization - Webinar by Melanie Wise


On Wednesday, December 18, Nelson hosted an exclusive webinar with Melanie Wise, Nelson’s Vice President, Human Resources, where she discussed how to use KPIs to position your HR team as a strategic asset to the organization.


A seasoned HR professional with over 20 years’ experience in leadership and strategy, Melanie went into detail on how to identify the human resources KPIs that will steer your initiatives in alignment with your company’s strategic plan. She’ll also explained how to proactively set goals and demonstrate that a strategically minded HR department augments the organization’s culture and impacts the bottom line?


In this NELSONtalks webinar, Melanie also covered the following topics:

  • Why it's important for HR to maintain a strategic orientation

  • How to align HR KPIs with organizational strategy

  • How to turn KPIs into tangible activities

  • And more!

Melanie also took a hand-full of live questions at the end of the webinar from those in attendance.


Download the slides used in the NELSONtalks Webinar


About Melanie Wise


An accomplished human resources leader, Melanie Wise is Vice President, Human Resources at Nelson. She has over 20 years’ tenure developing and implementing strategies that maximize human capital effectiveness and utilization through cultural transformation, organizational design, talent management, employee engagement, and transformative HR initiatives.


Her career spans small to mid-size companies in the high-tech, B2B, telecommunications, wholesale, nonprofit, and publicly traded sectors. Over the years, Melanie has contributed her strategic expertise to human resources operations, mergers & strategic acquisitions, employee relations and performance management, and executive coaching. She is pleased to share her insights during the next NELSONtalks.

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