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Jeff Phelps

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Phelps, a recognized business leader, service champion, and pioneer in the employment industry, assumed the role of CEO at Nelson Connects in July 2023. A longtime colleague and business adviser to the Nelson Family of Companies, Jeff pursues excellence in all endeavors. With his sharp focus on organizational growth, he is driven to continuously exceed the expectations of shareholders, clients, and employees. 


Before joining Nelson Connects, Jeff held several prominent positions as CEO, COO, and other executive leadership roles where his strategic approach amplified revenues of both established companies and startups in the staffing, compliance, and global talent management sectors.


Notably in 2011, Jeff co-founded iWorkGlobal, a company that provided a unique solution for turnkey, ubiquitous global employer of record, independent contractor compliance, and agent of record services. Under Jeff's direction, iWorkGlobal developed an impressive in-country partner network serving clients in 185 countries. Additionally, Jeff spearheaded the development of the award-winning MyVista platform, which offered comprehensive workforce visibility and management capabilities. Under Jeff’s leadership, iWorkGlobal generated over $150 million in revenues and gained exceptional industry and CEO ratings before being successfully sold in 2021.


Jeff is highly respected for his unwavering commitment to a service-first approach and strives to lead the market by delivering innovative solutions supported by exceptional talent, collaborative teamwork, and forward-thinking processes. With a proven ability to elevate team performance, strengthen competitive position, and create opportunities for business and professional growth, Jeff combines inspirational organizational leadership with adept management of executive teams.


Known for maintaining visibility to team members, clients, prospects, and shareholders, Jeff leads through clarity of purpose and expectation, holds himself and others accountable, and fosters a collaborative environment designed for success.

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