Johnathan Flowers

Johnathan "JF" Flowers

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Jonathan Flowers, also known as JF, is a seasoned marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Marketing, he brings a wealth of expertise in marketing, design, and creativity to Nelson Connects.


Before his distinguished career in marketing, Jonathan’s diverse background includes military service and professional sports. As a combat veteran and former Staff Sergeant in the US Army, he served with distinction as a member of the US Army Operations team, ultimately concluding his service with the prestigious 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR). Following his military service, Jonathan pursued higher education at San Jose State University, earning a BA in Fine Arts/Graphic Design and an AA in Creative Writing. He also holds certifications in Business Marketing and Business Management, demonstrating his dedication to continuous learning and professional growth.


Beyond his military and academic accomplishments, Jonathan has a rich history in professional sports. He spent three years as an NFL player with the Los Angeles Raiders and competed in NFL Europe and Arena Football with the San Jose Sabercats, showcasing his versatility and passion for athletics.


Throughout his extensive marketing career, Jonathan has collaborated with a wide range of esteemed companies spanning various industries, including technology, retail, and finance. His expertise encompasses strategic planning, client engagement, project management, and implementation across the entire spectrum of creative services and marketing.

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