Julie Minter

Sales Strategy & Enablement

Julie Minter is Vice President of Sales Strategy and Enablement at Nelson Connects. With over 25 years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry, she has developed an impressive track record within sales, training, and management.

Julie consistently delivers on business development and sales objectives by creating and executing innovative sales strategies. She is known to build strong sales teams by working closely on each individual’s professional development to ensure high employee engagement and retention.

During her career, Julie has progressed from Sales Representative to Sales Manager, Branch Manager, Managing Director, Corporate Sales Trainer, and, most recently, Vice President of Sales. Always aware of market trends that impact client needs, Julie uses a data-driven approach that leads to sound decision-making and enables her teams to swiftly adapt to and succeed in changing conditions.

A service excellence advocate, Julie empowers her teams to elevate their service levels by focusing on respect, kindness, and a customer service approach.

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