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Melissa Oliva

Executive Vice President, Field Operations

Melissa Oliva, Executive Vice President of Field Operations, leads Nelson Connects’ sales and recruiting initiatives with a commitment to delivering unmatched service experiences. A distinguished leader with nearly 25 years of staffing industry expertise, Melissa refines processes and services to shape organizational success and has been instrumental in growing companies from the start-up phase to maturation.

A dynamic and entrepreneurial leader, Melissa builds robust, service-focused teams who continuously drive organizational growth and market expansion. Her proactive approach not only fosters a culture of continuous improvement but also directly supports the company's success in the competitive staffing industry.

Melissa’s expertise extends beyond operations to initiating and conducting impactful engagements with legislators on Capitol Hill, where she has advocated for advancements critical to the background screening profession. This aspect of her career demonstrates her ability to influence and shape industry standards at a high level.

Melissa’s leadership at Nelson Connects is a blend of strategic foresight, industry expertise, and a commitment to excellence, making her a pivotal figure in the company and the industry.

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